August 13, 2014

B2 - Weeks 15 and 16

How far along: 16 weeks!

Baby Size: An avocado (4.6 inches and 3.5 ounces)

Weight gain: As of our 16 week appointment on Friday, I'm down a half a pound (it varies from being the same to down 3 or 4 pounds). Doctor is not concerned so neither am I :)

Workouts: CrossFit so far 2 days this week (and I'll be going tomorrow too). Mowing on the weekends and taking walks, and of course keeping up with a very active 14 month old.  

Maternity clothes: Still in my normal clothes. Actually wore a pair of size 12's yesterday all day and didn't get uncomfortable (12 is what I got down to before getting KO'ed). Am in a stretchy skirt today but that's mainly because I was lazy getting dressed. And I need to do laundry.

Stretch marks: Nothing.
Sleep: Ugh. Waking up a LOT to pee at night, which is so annoying. Probably still 4 or 5 times.  And of course if Brooke makes noises (I have turned the monitor down so I don't hear her as much, but she's had a cold so I wake up when I hear her coughing)...
Gender: So now I'm torn.  At first, I was dead-set on it being a girl. Now I really have no idea. I've felt so much worse this time around (and had morning sickness, what a pain that is), but the symptoms have been the same (the severity is just WAY more this time). I truly have no idea...

Movement: I have actually started feeling B2 moving around in there.  I guess I'm more aware of it since I remember the feelings from Brooke, and since 16 weeks is on the early-side of feeling movement, but there's no denying it. Everything I've been feeling has been in the lower right side of my belly, and at the appointment on Friday, that is exactly where she got the best heartbeat.

Food cravings: Nothing in the last two weeks.  Just super cold water.
Aversions: Still have the meat thing going on. It just doesn't sound appetizing at all. I eat what I can mainly to get the protein, but sometimes it is impossible to choke it down.  Also, sauteed greens sound absolutely terrible. And asparagus.
Labor Signs: Nope.
What I miss: I'm still good!
Symptoms: Things are improving - still getting nauseous if I don't eat soon after I get hungry, and sometimes in the mornings, but it's much better than it was. My lower back has been super achy the past few days, but I think that has more to do with sleeping funny since B slept on me a few times this week (for a bit each time) and doing 100 burpees the other day at CrossFit.
Nursery: The rocker/glider/swivel chair from Costco?  We went to go get one (or two) and THEY WERE GONE. I was so sad. I called the other store in town - and gone from there too.  Ugh. I waited too long :( *kicking myself* so the search is back on...
Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood: Pretty good overall.  I feel like, as a whole, 2nd pregnancies aren't as exciting as firsts, for the mama or for everyone else around her. I'm trying to battle this but it is hard.

Best moment this week: We got the blood results back from last weeks testing and are normal for all trisomy markers, meaning a healthy baby!  Also, making really good times in both workouts I've done this week (which you'll read about on Friday).  AND we got a new car so that is fun!

Looking forward to: Boy or girl determination time is September 4th! Also, how is it possible that I turn 30 in 10 days??  I still feel like I'm 20. How does this happen?  On the upside - I'll be celebrating my birthday in style with some of my lovely friends from college at the wedding of these two lovebirds:

And I am so, so very excited!! :)  (it won't hurt that it will distract me from the fact that I will be 30!)

I'll be back soon with another update!