June 5, 2014

Weekend update and Brooke pictures!

How in the world is this girl almost 1??? Where has the year gone??

She is pretty much the happiest kid in the whole world.  Don't get me wrong, she has her moments, but they are completely overshadowed when she flashes one of her teethy grins. I melt.

Floor play time is the best!

We still have these little turds cats.  One of them keeps peeing on anything we leave in a pile in the hallway, which isn't cool.  But the black one LOVES Brooke (and she loves him too).  Her newest thing is saying "Hi 'at"  (hi cat) and "Hi Dah" (hi dog). She'll look at Stout - "Hi Dah!" and then at Sebbah "Hi 'At!" - it's adorable!

We spent the day at the pool with our friends this past weekend. Brooke and Rowan got in some serious pool time. Talk about 2 little fishies!

Cute AND thigh rolls <3

Maybe they'll be olympic swimmers or something?

It's a tie between them, though, for cutest baby award. 

Wind-down before bed on Sunday was playing with her new toy from her Grandpa and Grandma Catherine. She loves this walker - she'll push it all around the house and crash into things that we can't move, like the refrigerator, and then get pissed because it won't get out of her way :)  Drama queen??  Where'd she get that from??

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  1. Awww what a sweet little girl!!! And that bathing suit!! I need a girl solely to put her in a tutu bathing suit. LOVE. <3