November 15, 2013

Five things Friday

So I was going to post a Five things Friday with a spin - Frustrating Friday.  I drafted it yesterday.  They are all things that do annoy me and that I find frustrating. But I'm going to go a different direction today instead. Maybe yesterday was a bad day and it just helped to write those things out? But today is a new and better day, so off we go!

1.  Tomorrow is a big, big day for a lot of my friends. It's the annual Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8k.  I have so many great friends running one of these races and I am so pumped for them!  They have all trained so hard and been so dedicated, they are all SO inspirational.  I will be out there tomorrow with Robert and Brooke cheering you all on (with some funny signs to boot ;)) and am just so proud of you all! (this includes Melissa L., Melissa R., Ashlyn, Ashley, Mary, Kristy, and I'm sure there are others that I am forgetting and for that I'm sorry and totally blame mom-brain...)  YOU GUYS ROCK!

This is how excited Brooke is for you... :D

2.  Work has been INSANE this week.  One proposal due every day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, another due Monday, and another due next Friday.  And already several on tap for December. I'm tired just thinking about it.

3.  Many of you saw my post on pull-ups day before yesterday.  I did MORE pull-ups yesterday! 45 more to be exact.  My arms are killing me.  So much so that I bailed on CrossFit today, since it's Snatch and Burpee day, and I'm pretty sure my arms would give up on me.  Oh well.  I got 3 days in this week, which I consider a success.

4.  Brooke is seriously going to be moving and shaking any day now.  She is doing the hands and knees rocking thing.  Before we know it she is going to be off and running.  Her activity sheet from daycare yesterday said at the bottom "Brooke rolled all over the floor today" meaning she just cannot sit still.  I wonder who she gets that from? (cough - - Robert - - cough)

5.  As much as I love summer and warmth and flip flops, I am kindof excited for this winter, specifically any snow we may get.  I foresee some really cute Brooke-in-snow pictures. Not to mention I love warm comfy clothes, slippers, and the fireplace :)

So those were truly random and not very exciting, but that's all I've got for you :)

AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE RUNNERS TOMORROW!!  Everyone will do amazing and you've got so much support in the crowds!!


  1. Adorable! My little one is almost 5 months and she is getting so active too! It's fun to watch but hard to believe that they'll be all over the place before we know it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Monet! They're getting so big so fast!!