October 11, 2013

Photographer for a day? Impromptu photos for Ms. Rowan!

I spent the day a few Sunday's ago with my gorgeous friend Lisa and her sweet, beautiful little girl Rowan (Brooke's BFF).  Her hubster was out of town so I went to visit her at her house and we went to Saude Creek Winery.  I brought my camera because it was a beautiful day out, and we turned it into an impromptu photo session with Ms Rowan!  I'm super pleasantly surprised at how they all came out (it helps to have such photogenic people!) and while this isn't something I can make a career out of, it sure was fun!  We started out just playing around in the house and I was just messing with the settings on the camera.  Lisa really liked them and got creative with the tub and bubbles and going in their back yard...and so it began.

Below are just a handful (okay...more than a handful) of some of my favorites.  And the girls eyes are SERIOUSLY blue. So striking and gorgeous.  She was just about 10 months when these were taken. Enjoy!