Catching up

Long time no talk, huh?  Life has been a bit crazy the past few weeks. The toddler has figured out that Henry is here to stay and therefore is having some jealousy issues, like wanting to be held anytime I’m holding the baby, crying whenever he cries, needing something anytime he needs something. It’s pretty exhausting. Most days we just try to keep as busy as possible to minimize everyones meltdowns (and I mean everyone…thank goodness for wine…)

Also, I just haven’t had the itch to write lately. I still kind of don’t, but felt like I should check in for a little bit, even just to say hello!

Henry is getting so big so fast. He is SO happy – Brooke was a super happy baby and Henry isn’t any different.

IMG_8638 IMG_8853   IMG_8864 IMG_8553

And God bless him, he has started sleeping through the night (started last weekend) and its wonderful.

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately with the nice weather.  Meaning lots of walks.


And getting the mail with daddy (and learning to drive :))


Short Pump mall is had a petting zoo and we went to see the animals – Brooke LOVED the baby goats and sheep.


We had a great Easter and had Easter dinner with Scott, Melissa, and baby Isaac, and Melissa’s parents – her mom was so sweet and did an Easter egg hung for Brooke, which she LOVED!

DSC_1418  DSC_1443


With Melissa and Ann who orchestrated the event :)


She was not afraid to go hunting for the eggs :)

DSC_1435 DSC_1453

The three kiddos bonding!


Henry and his best buddy Isaac!  They are both getting so big :)


And, of course, the obligatory Easter Sunday picture :) I think they look pretty cute!

Also, I’ve been good and making it to the gym 3 or 4 days a week (usually 4), typically just doing whatever the workout is that is posted on CrossFit RVA’s website.  I haven’t lost any more weight (only down about 7-9lbs from when I had Henry..ugh) but some of my larger clothes are getting too large so that’s nice to see.  I’ll take some pictures soon.

Anyway – thats just a little catch up from my side. I hope my creative side kicks in soon and I get back into this thing like I was a few weeks ago…until then, I’ll be checking in from time to time :)

Friday Favorites!

It was a good week this week! Here are some of my favorite things that went down this week…

Saturday started out with some delicious Country Style donuts (I couldn’t be happier that they opened up a new location on the West End!)

IMG_8157 IMG_8156

Then this mama got her hair cut! It had been about 10 months so I was in dire need of some help – and she did great. For any locals, Melissa at the West Broad Village Bombshell – she did a great job!



Then Saturday was rounded out with a garage WOD:


This left me super sore for several days – that’s what you get for being out of practice for 8 weeks I guess :) 


Trying on his daddy’s glasses…I think they are a little big

IMG_8183 IMG_8187

Henry worked on his smiling skills.  I think he’s got it down :)

IMG_8208 IMG_8212


Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous days so we went to the park with our buddies Melissa and Isaac for a walk and to get Brooke some play time in.  She LOVES the little rocker thingy and this skinny guy…and of course the slides.

IMG_8222 IMG_2095

Had some good eats this week, including several of these salads with spring mix, kale chopped salad (from Costco), strawberries, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, poppyseed dressing, and stolen dinosaur chicken nuggets. :)


We took a bath and sorted our animals.  This girl LOVES her bath time.

We also started at the YMCA as I mentioned earlier, so we’ve been getting out of the house.  Oh, and we went to a music class for Brooke on Monday morning with our friends Lindsay and Charlotte and it was a blast! It will definitely be on rotation…Brooke really enjoyed herself. (of course there aren’t picture from this…maybe next time!)

I hope you all have had a great week also and have an equally wonderful weekend!  We have a big weekend this weekend as Mr. Henry is getting baptized, so we’ll be spending lots of time with friends and family :)  We are all very excited!