Fitness Friday – Weekly Workout Round Up #13

Saturday – Rest Day

A rest day, if you will…although I don’t really consider many of our weekend days ‘rest days’ because there is always something to do. On Saturday, we finished/worked on finishing cleaning out the garage to make room for the new gym equipment. We still have a few things to do (like added shelving) but we’ll get there!

Sunday – CrossFit 

A “Crazy Eights” workout, after some squat work – I did 5×4 sets of 115lbs.


Robert beat me, but just barely :)


I did some push press work afterwards, just with the 45lb bar…nothing crazy :)

Burned about 615 calories in 75 minutes (forgot to turn off my HR monitor)

Monday – Rest Day

I had a lunch meeting so no workout this day.

Tuesday – CrossFit


Bench press was the workout but since I am not supposed to lay on my back, I did strict press instead at 55lbs (5 sets of 4)


5x Wall walks (I did 30 second plank holds since I can’t be upside down)
10x Wall balls (20#14#) 15x sit-ups Rest 1 minute then Run 1200m

Got 120 reps. Finished the run in about 9 minutes.

Burned 568 calories in 60 minutes.


Wednesday – CrossFit


Front Squat – 5-rep-max.  I worked up to 95.  I went for 105 but got 2 and thought better of it.


Run, Squat, Pull

200m Run
10x Front Squats (55#)
5x Pull-ups (I did ring rows)
5x Ring dips (I did push ups)

I think my pull ups and ring dips aren’t going to get any better with me using the bands I’m using, so I’m going back to the ‘beginners’ stuff to see if I can gain strength that way…I’ll report back to tell you how it goes :)

Burned 556 calories in 65 minutes.


Thursday – Rest Day

We have a new person at work so we took her to lunch!  Not to mention Brooke gave me her cold so I was kind of glad to have the day off.


Friday – CrossFit

Deadlift – 4×2 at 85% – I used 145lbs

Karen plus Death

100 Wallballs (20#/14#)  (L3 karen is 150 wall balls…no thanks)
EMOM 4 Burpees
So this basically meant that when the clock started, everyone does 4 burpees, then up and do as many wallballs as you can with the time left in the minute, then when it hits 1 minute, back down for 4 more burpees, then wallballs, etc. until you hit 100 wall balls.  Yeah. It sucked just as much as I thought it would.
I finished in 10 minutes.
Burned 581 in 65 minutes.
A good week indeed! :)

What are some good workouts you did this week? Have a favorite??

B2 – Weeks 25 and 26

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How far along: 26 weeks 2 days

so it would seem I’ve popped out a bit this week, huh??

Baby Size: A head of lettuce. 13.6 – 14.8 inches and 1.5 – 2.5 pounds.

Weight gain:  Around 6 or 7 pounds, according to my scale.  We go back to the Dr next Friday so I’ll get a better idea of gain then.

Workouts: I’m doing pretty good still – usually 4 – 5 days getting in a good workout. This work-week, I’ll make it 3 days, and I’ll workout this weekend at least once in the new home gym :)

Maternity clothes: Mainly wearing maternity pants right now (due do the expanding bump, as you can see above)…still in normal shirts.

Stretch marks: Nothing.

Sleep: Brooke has a cold and has been waking up at night with coughing fits, which wakes me up, so we snuggle until she falls back asleep, and then baby boy thinks it’s all time to wake up so he starts dancing around in my belly and then I don’t get good sleep.  Plus, Brooke has given me her cold so I can imagine tonight won’t be much better…boo.

Gender: It’s a BOY!  

Movement: He doesn’t stop moving….which is a blessing and kind of obnoxious at the same time.  It still hurts quite a bit when he jabs at me, but hopefully he’ll start running low on room in there soon and not be able to get so much oomph behind his attacks :)

Food cravings: APPLE FRITTERS.  I don’t know why. It’s so weird because that is usually NOT what I gravitate towards when we get doughnuts (which is, um, never) but I have been jonesing so bad for a freaking apple fritter.  So Robert humored me and we went to Dixie Donuts on Saturday morning (might have been before the sun came up and before they were open [which, what the hell kind of donut shop doesn't open until 7?!? you're a breakfast place...get it together Dixie Donuts]) and wouldn’t you know it…during APPLE SEASON…they didn’t have apple fritters…no no. NO.  They had BLUEBERRY FRITTERS.  I cannot explain how pissed I was.  Over a fritter.  This kid is making me crazy.
Needless to say I’ve totally written off Dixie Donuts and now will have to drive across town to find a decent apple fritter, or just make my own.  What a pain. #firstworldproblems ?
Oh and also cereal (mainly Lucky Charms), apples with peanut butter, and root beer, even though I can only drink about half a can because it makes me burp so bad.  Oh the joys.

Aversions: I believe I’m all good now. Haven’t tried steak in a while but everything else seems good to go.  Oh….thats a lie.  BLUEBERRY FRITTERS are now an aversion.  GAHH I’m still mad about it.

Labor Signs: Some more braxton hicks, but nothing unusual.

What I miss: Not a whole lot…so far so good :)

Symptoms: Crampy, headachy, and apparently moody (could you tell from the fritter story?) but you know…whatever…

Nursery: Ummm yeah…we’ll get it done before he arrives. I hope.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood: Honestly, aside from the fritter debacle, I’ve been much better the past 2 weeks with my mood and how I see things.  I still have my moments (hah) but I think I’m doing better…either that or I’m pretty good at lying to myself…

Best moment this week: Getting the home gym set up is definitely awesome and going to pay off in a big way!

Looking forward to: The weekend!  I really want to go to the apple orchard and just relax. Plus, mom is coming for a visit, so we’ll have a good time hanging out with her!