August 30, 2014

B2 - Weeks 17 and 18

How far along: 18.5 weeks

Baby Size: A sweet potato (5.6 inches, 6.7 ounces)

Weight gain: Far as I can tell, still zero (maybe down 1?)

Workouts: CrossFit 3 days this week (and I'll be going tomorrow too). The weather has been nice enough for run/walks on the weekends, and I forsee a few of those this weekend as well!  I’m doing a couple of short races in the next couple of months so I need to get in a few runs here and there.  

Maternity clothes: Still in my normal clothes. Dresses are nicer and nicer to wear, pants are getting a little tighter throughout the day, and a definite bump decided to show up last weekend so it’s only a matter of time J

Stretch marks: Nothing.

Sleep: Sleep has been better the past 2 weeks.  Only waking up once or twice to go to the bathroom.  Or when there are a set of dog paws jamming into my back.

Gender: I have no idea.  The old wives tales and Chinese gender chart says girl but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a boy either.  In 6 days, we’ll know!

Movement: B2 is a mover and a shaker.  He/she has been giving me little kicks and punches throughout the day.  They are slight and if I didn’t know better I probably wouldn’t recognize them, but I know it’s definitely B2 rolling around in there!

Food cravings: My sweet tooth has been kicking in lately. I’ve wanted ice cream every night (so I usually have a small bowl – about a ½ cup) of mint chocolate chip. So good and hits the spot.

Aversions: Still can’t do chicken breast. I haven’t tried steak, but everything else seems to be good to go.  I ate asparagus last night so we’re good there too!

Labor Signs: Nope.

What I miss: I'm still good!

Symptoms: The crappy symptoms I was having are going away, which is lovely.  Now it’s just the usual peeing a lot, round ligament pain (especially if I move too quickly), and headaches here and there. Nothing too serious though!

Nursery: No progress made.  We’ll get there J

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood: Pretty good.  I find that I am crying really easily these days…which is new, I can usually hold it together pretty well. But overall I’m pretty happy!

Best moment this week: Celebrating a wedding,  my 30th, and a baby shower with so many people I love so much and just getting to see everyone.

Looking forward to: September 4th!  And a couple days on the beach won’t hurt either ;)

August 29, 2014

Fitness Friday - Weekly Workout Round-Up

Here are this weeks workouts! 

Saturday – Rest Day
Birthday fun day and an awesome wedding celebration!

Sunday – Run/Walk
After a delicious and fun baby shower for Michelle’s baby girl, it was way too nice outside to not take advantage of the beautiful weather, so Robert pushed Brooke and I did a run/walk – maybe about 2 miles or so.

Burned about 400 calories in 60 minutes

Monday - Rest day
Monday, the girls at work took me out for a lovely lunch at The Daily. I will be returning to this restaurant!  Richmonders – if you haven’t been here, you must go! Everything was so awesome and they have so many options (gluten-free, Paleo option, Vegan option, etc.)

Tuesday - CrossFit
10 minutes to find a heavy single Power Clean – got to 115lbs

Time was 12:51
Burned 675 calories in 70 minutes

Power Cleans (65lbs)

Burned 490 calories in 60 minutes

Wednesday – At-home CrossFit workout
I couldn’t make it to the Box on Wednesday so I did a quick (?) workout at home! (I'll have a separate post on this workout to come soon!)

Push ups
KB Swings
Double Unders

It took me about 20 minutes (30 total with a warm up)

Burned 562 calories in 64 minutes

Thursday – Rest day
15 minutes to find heavy single squat clean.  I got to 115lbs but it was ugly so I said my max was 105lbs.

10x1 at 75% of the heavy single (so I used 75lbs)

I didn’t think this workout would get my heart pumping so Kristi and I said we’d do Annie (50-40-30-20-10 of double unders and sit ups) after the squat cleans.  We were both pooped after the 10x1’s so we skipped Annie…maybe next time ;)

Friday – Rest day
Worked through lunch today so we could hit the road to go see some family.  CrossFit is on tap for tomorrow though!