September 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was very nice. Not much going on but there is never a shortage of household chores to do. 

Since it's Sunday night and I'm pooped, I'm doing this one-sentence style!

Friday, Robert spent some quality time with his little girl :)

Sunday morning, we had some delicious French Toast and fried apples. Brooke loved both!

I realize this is pancakes...I forgot to take a picture of the french it's a throw back...but close enough!

We spent time Saturday morning playing outside and learning that coffee mugs are hot!

And we monkeyed around and ate some bananas :)

Our neighbor, Raaj, brought us some delicious Indian to have for lunch (it was supposed to be for breakfast but it was at it is!)

Vada, Idly, and Sambar (we think!)

Brooke dreams of dancing

She spent more time with daddy reading and watching TV

And some time with mama taking selfies! (and mama finally dyed her hair!)

We washed the cars and Brooke was a HUGE help (if you count throwing water everywhere a huge help...which of course we do)

We played tickle monster (and she kept signing for more)

We went for a walk both days (omg baby bump)

and we signed off the weekend with some play time outside!

Hope everyone has a great week!

September 20, 2014

Fitness Friday - Weekly Workout Round Up #8

Here are this weeks workouts! 

Saturday – 4-mile Oktoberfest Relay

Saturday was the 4-mile relay race at Center of the Universe brewery for their Oktoberfest and it was SO FUN!  We had two teams, a boys team (who was going to win) and the girls team (who was just there to have fun). Each member of the team ran 1 mile.  All of our teams had awesome runs!  My leg was by far the slowest, but I was pretty stoked to run a 10:30 mile. (shout outs to Melissa who ran an 8:40-something, Mary with a 7:20-something, Robert with a 6:03, and Scott with a 6:20-something, and Jason, who was  blazing fast at 5:20-something).

Brooke did great the whole day!

*fish face*

Burned about 400 calories in 40 minutes (the race took the girls about 34 minutes to finish, the other 6 minutes were warming up - aka walking/jogging to the start line, and running into the woods to pee before my leg).

Sunday – 3-mile walk/run

Took a walk with the family! It was so nice and cool yesterday that a walk was absolutely necessary.  Robert and I wore our new Moov devices (I'll have a write up on these soon) to see how they worked was a fun experiment!

Burned 505 calories in 75 minutes

Monday – CrossFit

Front Squat
7 x 2
@ 75% with Pause: 2 second - 75lbs


Jump rope, Squats, and Rowing
3 rounds: 
75x Double-Unders - I did 20 kettlebell swings instead of DU's (several friends who have had the placenta previa urged me to not do jumping exercises, so I'm listening to their advice...better safe than sorry!)
40x Squats 
25x Calorie Row 

Finished in 19:26

Burned 546 calories in 68 minutes.

Tuesday – Rest Day


5 x 1
@ 90% of 1RM - used 55lbs


Running, Burpees, T2B

800m Run 
Rest 2 minutes 
400m Run 
6 rounds of: 
10x Burpees 
5x T2B 

Finished in 17:51

Burned 552 in 70 minutes

Today was the first day I really had to modify the workout. Instead of burpees (which I tried but just found too uncomfortable), I did box step ups...I imagine this is just the first of many modified workouts :)

Wednesday – Rest Day

Between needing one in general and contracting pink eye AGAIN from my little carrier monkey, I decided a rest day was what the doctor ordered.  That, and eye drops....

Thursday – CrossFit

400m Farmer's carry (53#/35#) - used a 16kg KB (35lbs)
20x SB Get-ups - used a 35lb sandbag 
400m Farmer's carry (53#/35#) 
20x Wall-balls (20#/14#) - used a 14lb wallball
400m Farmer's carry (53#/35#) 

20x Box Jumps (24"/20") - 20 inch box step-ups (no jumping)

Um holy forearm burn! Those farmer's carries were NO JOKE.

Finished in 24:25.

Burned 703 in 69 minutes

Friday – CrossFit

1 RM - I did 125lbs a few times

3 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest of:
1. KB Thrusters (35#/25#) - used 20lb dumbells
2. Hand release push-ups 
3. Rope climbs - I did ground-to-feet climbs
4. Wall Walks  - I did planks instead (no going upside down anymore!)
5. L-sit hold 

I got 94 reps (in the L-sit hold and plank, 5 seconds = 1 rep, so 6 reps in 30 seconds if I did it unbroken).  Not terrible.

Burned 477 in 67 minutes