Friday Favorites!

It was a good week this week! Here are some of my favorite things that went down this week…

Saturday started out with some delicious Country Style donuts (I couldn’t be happier that they opened up a new location on the West End!)

IMG_8157 IMG_8156

Then this mama got her hair cut! It had been about 10 months so I was in dire need of some help – and she did great. For any locals, Melissa at the West Broad Village Bombshell – she did a great job!



Then Saturday was rounded out with a garage WOD:


This left me super sore for several days – that’s what you get for being out of practice for 8 weeks I guess :) 


Trying on his daddy’s glasses…I think they are a little big

IMG_8183 IMG_8187

Henry worked on his smiling skills.  I think he’s got it down :)

IMG_8208 IMG_8212


Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous days so we went to the park with our buddies Melissa and Isaac for a walk and to get Brooke some play time in.  She LOVES the little rocker thingy and this skinny guy…and of course the slides.

IMG_8222 IMG_2095

Had some good eats this week, including several of these salads with spring mix, kale chopped salad (from Costco), strawberries, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, poppyseed dressing, and stolen dinosaur chicken nuggets. :)


We took a bath and sorted our animals.  This girl LOVES her bath time.

We also started at the YMCA as I mentioned earlier, so we’ve been getting out of the house.  Oh, and we went to a music class for Brooke on Monday morning with our friends Lindsay and Charlotte and it was a blast! It will definitely be on rotation…Brooke really enjoyed herself. (of course there aren’t picture from this…maybe next time!)

I hope you all have had a great week also and have an equally wonderful weekend!  We have a big weekend this weekend as Mr. Henry is getting baptized, so we’ll be spending lots of time with friends and family :)  We are all very excited!

Crossfit outside the Box

Literally though. Because currently, I’m not able to find a good time that works for everyone to hit up the box, especially now that we don’t have child care during the day for the toddler.  I do hope this changes, but for now, I’ll be going to the box on the weekends (which is just Saturdays because they are closed on Sundays) and the occasional Friday when Robert is off work.  It’s not ideal, but it is what works for us at the moment.

So that leaves a LOT of other days that I want to get in workouts.  In comes the local YMCA. We signed up this weekend – perks are, obviously, the fitness areas, the child care (yes!), the swimming pool, and more. Cons are that they don’t have a lot of the equipment I’d like to be able to use (wall balls, ab mats, jump ropes, boxes, etc).  I went to the Y for this first time yesterday to get my workout on and get Brooke and Henry acclimated to the child care.  Henry did great – slept the whole time (I’m not sure he even knew we left the house).  Brooke had a bit of a meltdown when I left, but they said she quit fussing pretty soon thereafter.

The Y is tricky.  Not only because of the lack of equipment that I’d like, but also because it must be rare to see someone (or..a woman..) doing Crossfit (or a Crossfit style workout) in the lifting areas.

Yesterday was my first day and I was asked once if I lifted competitively (I told him no, I didn’t).  He asked if I was sure I knew what I was doing.  Yes, sir, I know what I am doing, thank you.  I’m sure it’s weird for them to see a woman doing power cleans…but I promise I know kind of what I am doing :)  My area/bar got stolen a couple times when I went to go get other equipment or row (when there were other bars available) but whatever. I know better now.

I knew it would be different but it will do for now.

I warmed up with a 400m row, some squats, push ups, and a few stretches.  Then, I did a 2-rep max power clean – made it to 105 (assuming their bars are 45…they felt a little light but I’m out of practice).

Then, for the WOD, I did:

3 Rounds:

Row 200

10 Goblet Squats (with 30lb KB)

15 KB swings (with 30b KB)

20 sit ups

I finished in 14:23 (stopped a few times to text with my sister)

IMG_8216 IMG_8214

crappy pictures but its just as well…lots of work to be done!

We are going to try to go again today, but we will see what the day brings…its pretty hard getting out of the house with 2 kids!

Have a great Wednesday!

And a very happy birthday to my beautiful friend Lisa! We love you!