*~* Melissa’s Baby Shower *~*

We celebrated Melissa and her soon-to-arrive baby boy the last weekend in November and it was such a great time! I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but I’ll add in some words where I can!


With her lovely friends from high school!


Mel’s mom, Ann, and the Norfolk bunch!  These ladies all love Melissa so much!


Some of the Richmond ladies


Some of the goodies – lots of delicious food to be eaten!


And who can forget about the CAKE!  Made by the fabulous Nikki, of course. It was red velvet and absolutely amazing. I want some of it now!



My sweet, very crafty and creative friend Lisa helped tremendously in making things and setting up for the shower!  All of the decor was her idea and it looked amazing. And these favors – SO CUTE!






Almost the whole group – we grabbed this after a few girls had already left.


Mel, Sarah, Lisa, and Michelle – my shower helpers!  These girls brought food and helped decorate for the party and I owe them ALL a HUGE thanks!


I had to hop in one too :)


Oh you know, just a few pregnant chicks.


Mel and her mama!




There was a lot of fun that was had and yummy food, and of course, adorable, sweet baby boy gifts!  Melissa was showered with all kinds of love, and we all cannot wait to meet little baby boy L!

B2 – Weeks 33 and 34

How far along: 34 weeks and 3 days


Baby Size: A butternut squash (15.2 – 16.7 inches and 2.5 – 3.8 lbs) or a head of lettuce (19 inches, 3.9 lbs) [the first stat  is from TheBump.com, the second is from WhatToExpect.com]

Weight gain:  Up around 17lbs or so. Dr. is good with it so I am good with it.

Workouts: The past week hasn’t been the best. Whatever I came down with on Sunday hasn’t left yet, OR I’m dealing with some crazy heartburn (which I’m thinking is exactly what it is)…but I haven’t been eating a whole lot so I haven’t  had a ton of energy…The last time I was at the gym was last Thursday (Thanksgiving day) at CrossFit Charleston…I’m hoping to make it in tomorrow!  But it wasn’t all bad, made it several times the week before :)

IMG_7162 IMG_7163

Just doing some Push Jerks. 75lbs.

Maternity clothes: Yes.

Stretch marks: Nothing.

Sleep: Not great, not terrible.  I could stand for it to be a bit more solid – you know – minus all the wake ups to pee or roll over or whatever, but I guess it could be worse.

Gender: It’s a BOY!  

Movement: All the time. Hiccups, kicks, punches, rolls. It was so much the other day that I took a video…it was amazing. I’ll try to post it one of these days :)

Food cravings: Cereal, peanut butter, sweets…pretty much anything that isn’t good for me.  Oh well. Not much longer!

Aversions: Doing good as of right now!

Labor Signs: Some braxton hicks, but nothing unusual.

What I miss: Decent lung capacity.  I just get winded very easily.  And pants with zippers :)

Symptoms: Nothing unusual…headaches, braxton hicks, tired, etc.

Nursery: Well, the paint is on the wall and the crib and mattress are in the nursery (still in boxes though)….we’ll get there soon :)

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood: This week hasn’t particularly been the best but it’ll pass.

Best moment this week: Sarah’s (my sister) shower in Roanoke was great!! Everyone who said they would show up showed up and it was just a great party.  Sarah looked amazing, as always!



Bumps – 10 days apart!

They (my sisters) also did a little ‘sprinkle’ for me, which was so very sweet.


The cakes!

And Melissa’s shower two weekends ago went off without a hitch and everyone had an amazing time. Melissa was so glowy and beautiful and everyone just adored seeing her in her mommy-to-be glory :)

Looking forward to: Christmas of course!!