A big decision

With less than 9 weeks to go (or so) before B2 arrives, we have quite a few things to take care of. The nursery (guess we should break down and buy that crib, eh?).  Getting the bottles all out and washed. Wash baby clothes. New pacis. Some baby boy stuff. Maybe a double stroller.  Lots of little things to get and do.

But there was one BIG item on the list that we needed to do.

Like, life changing big.

And I’ll admit, this one has me shaking in my boots a little lot.

It’s a BIG decision.

Here it is:

To go back to work or to stay home.

You guys.

Brooke has been in daycare since she was 3 months old. Which seems like forever ago but isn’t really.  And I LOVE how great she has done in daycare. She has learned SO much (more than I know I would have been able to teach her). Her teachers have all been amazing and love her so much, which makes me the happiest mama on the block.

IMG_6444it makes her pretty happy too!

But when it comes down to it. Daycare is EXPENSIVE.  Like, pretty much need a second job to make paying for two kiddos in daycare worthwhile.

Sure, we could probably look around and find an in-home day care that is less expensive that we could make work, but ultimately, if we’re using daycare, I like the regimen that a center provides, plus most in-homes only take kids up to 2 or 2 and a half, and we’re nearly there with Brooke.  I’d hate to pull her out of her daycare, put her into a new one (we’ve already had to do that within the past year), and then try to finagle her back into a center, etc. It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

So the decision has been made.

After B2’s arrival, I will be staying at home full time with the kiddos.

With a toddler and an infant.


All day.

We’ll keep Brooke in daycare for the first couple of weeks that B2 is home so that he and I can try to establish some kind of routine, and then after that, we haven’t quite decided if she will come out all together or if we’ll keep her in for a half day or so during the week (still expensive,  just not quite as much).

In my heart, I know it will all be fine. There will definitely be an adjustment period for all of us, but it will be fine.  My head sees the glass as half empty. I’m expecting the worst, so that hopefully if it is ‘the worst’, at least I’m ready for it. If it’s any better than what I envision, then we’re doing good!

I don’t think it’s the staying at home part that scares me. It’s that I’ve never stayed at home with Brooke before (aside from weekends, and even then Robert and I tag team), much less Brooke and an infant.

I hope that in about 6 months,  I’ll look back on this post and laugh at myself for being so worried/scared/nervous/anxious.

Until then, I’ll just keep on being nervous about it and googling ‘how to stay sane as a stay at home mom’ or ‘toddler activities to keep them busy for hours and hours’ or ‘how to make my toddler sleep later than 6am’

Oh boy.  Here we go!

 Any advice, tips, tricks, words of wisdom, or thoughts of sympathy can be left in the comments section ;)

Weekend Recap – A Birthday and a Surprise!

So I’m starting with Sunday because I really just don’t even have all of the words to describe how special I felt on Sunday.  It started out as just meeting a few girlfriends for brunch on Sunday morning (so of course, I had to take a picture with Brooke to show that I can, in fact, clean up a little bit!)


And then BAM. I’m hit with this AMAZING surprise of so many of my absolutely wonderful girlfriends to shower little baby boy Brackmann.  I honest to goodness had no idea (even when they sat 4 of us down at a table for 12, hah…I’m a little dense these days) and really and truly can’t put into words how special these ladies made me feel.

I am so honored and blessed to have each one of them in my life…I just love them all so, so much (and to the ones that weren’t able to make it, I love you too!)


Seriously, the most amazing group of girlfriends in the whole world. <3


And the girl who made it all happen. <3  She is just simply wonderful. I’m so excited for our little boys to grow up together!


While I was at brunch, Robert had some play time with this cute girl. She played “how many grapes can I put in my mouth at once” – not sure what number she got up to…


Then Melissa and I met the boys at Brooke out at The Answer Brewpub.  The guys got beer, and we all got some yummy vietnamese food. The shrimp chips were SO good.


Beer is the answer.

When we got home, Brooke was SUPER excited to see what Baby Boy got at the shower :)


I’m not kidding – these girls spoiled us!! We have so many ADORABLE outfits for B2 (and he will wear all of them, snaps or not! ;))


Brooke made her daddy the happiest daddy in the world by being absolutely enthralled by the old school Tinkertoys that Roberts grandma sent home with us this summer.  She seriously sat and played with him and the Tinkertoys for at least 20 minutes, then we put them up, and then she dumped them out again.  He couldn’t be more proud :)


See how happy they both are?! ;)


Notice the stool? And the missing letters?  We have a pain in the butt 3 year old puppy to thank for that.  We were only missing three up until yesterday, then he decided to chew up the “r”.  What  a turd.

We had a bit of downtime last night and Brooke sat in my lap while I played with her hair for, no lie, 15 minutes, without moving a muscle.  She looked like this the whole time. I thought she might fall asleep!


Okay lets rewind to Saturday. Brooke’s sweet friend Rowan had a big 2nd birthday party!!  It was so fun and all the kids were great together!


Birthday girl!


Row’s mom is so creative – I just love this board!


Little girls and little toes :)


4 of the cutest little girls in the history of little girls!



Moms and dads and friends! :)


These two, Della and Rowan, are the funniest!


And the CAKE! You guys.  Lisa and her friend Donna made these Peanut Butter cakes (and Donna made the little animals on top).  Not only are they freaking adorable. But HOLY MOLY. SO DELICIOUS.  Lisa insisted that we take some home and I put my foot down because  you know we’d take it home and only I would eat it and I just don’t need that kind of temptation in my life. But seriously, SO GOOD.

DSC_0198 DSC_0199

The giraffe was my favorite :)


The kids at the kids table waiting for birthday cake :)

DSC_0209 DSC_0213

She wanted that cake BAD! I can’t blame her…


We wish Rowan the happiest of 2nd birthdays that there ever was.  We love her (and her mom and dad) so much :)

Shew! What a weekend!  I’m not sure it can be topped…I might try for it though at some point ;)