October 20, 2014

Busy, productive, and fun weekend!

Well that was a whirlwind of a weekend if I ever had one! We got a lot of stuff done, still spent some quality time together, and generally had a blast!  

Thursday (Robert's Friday) began with some tomatoes straight from the vine.

She does this on her own...girl loves her tomatoes

On Friday, Dada went on a shopping trip to Costco and got someone a new winter coat :) She loves it.

Then we made delicious Chicken Tikka Masala - Robert made the naan and it was delicious!

Saturday was my annual company picnic at our old President's farm, where he has lots of goats, donkeys, horses, chickens, and a dog. Brooke had such a great time!  She fed the goats:

She also ate her fair share of those crackers too...

Signing for more crackers that she can give to the goats and donkeys

She rode the barrel train, which was a hit until the last couple of minutes :)

Played on the seesaw with her friend Amelia

And tuckered herself (and mama and dada) out running around that play ground, going down the slide, dodging the big kids on the swings, and generally running amok!

Sunday morning was nice a quiet for a bit - complete with some book reading

And drum playing (which cancels out the 'quiet' part)

Part of our day on Saturday consisted of cleaning up and out the garage for some new gym equipment that I am SO EXCITED to have!  A power rack, bench, barbell, weights, plyo box (that Robert and I built), and more.

We put it to use on Sunday! 

Here was the workout we did:

It was killer and took us both close to 30 minutes to finish, but it was fun!  We also did some squat work beforehand - I did 5x4 squats at 115lbs.

Stout wanted to do box jumps too.

We had a couple other things to do on Sunday, so Robert took Brooke to WholeFoods where they had an awesome set up of pumpkins.  She loves them!

That's where the pictures stop, but the rest of the weekend had some visits with friends who just welcomed a little baby girl into their family (yay baby Ava!), I had a girls night with some lovely friends for food and some catching up, and then an early bedtime to cap it off right :) 

I hope you all had an equally fulfulling and fun weekend!

October 17, 2014

Fitness Friday - Weekly Workout Round Up #12

Thank goodness, this week was much less hectic than the last few.

Saturday – Zoo!

How does shoveling 3 tons of gravel sound? Fun? No?  Too bad. That's what we did. Yowza. 

2 yards. 3 tons total. gravel. ah.

the project. a shed. on gravel. 3 tons of gravel.

Sunday – Rest Day

So guess what we got to do on Sunday??  Not technically a "rest day" at all.

Turned all of those parts and pieces into:


Oh yeah.

So not a 'legit' workout this weekend, but totally a legit workout.

Monday – CrossFit


Back Squat - I did 3 reps of 125lbs


Squats, Jumps, and Ropes
6 Rounds of: 
10x OH Squats (95#/65#) 
10x Box Jumps (30"/24") 
10x Double-unders 

Finished in 13:47.

Burned 550 calories in 60 minutes.

Tuesday – CrossFit


Bench press was the workout but since I am not supposed to lay on my back, I did strict press instead at 55lbs (5 sets of 4)


5x Wall walks (I did 30 second plank holds since I can't be upside down)
10x Wall balls (20#14#) 15x sit-ups Rest 1 minute then Run 1200m 

Got 120 reps. Finished the run in about 9 minutes.

Burned 654 calories in 70 minutes.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Just felt like a rest day was on tap!

Thursday – CrossFit


Squat Clean - find heavy single - I worked up to 105 and called it good.


Clean and MU, Running and Deadlifts
2x Squat Cleans @ 80% - I did 75lbs
8x Pull ups - used a green and purple band

Rest 5 Minutes 

4 Rounds:
300m Run
5x Deadlifts - I did 125lbs

Finished in 15:00.

Burned 784 in 74 minutes.

Friday – CrossFit

20 calorie row 
20x Thrusters (95#/65#) 20x Push-ups 20x KB Swings (53#/35#) 400m Run 30x Hang Power snatch (95#/65#) 30x Sit-ups 30x Box Jumps (24"/20") 

Finished in 18:10

Burned 518 in 58 minutes.

Next week will definitely be better.