Reese’s Spread Giveaway Winner and our Weekend!

I wanted to pop back in real quick to announce the winner of the Reese’s Spread Giveaway!

The winner is: Laura B!

I emailed Laura and let her know her victory this morning :)

In other news, I am still pregnant.  Today is my due date so I guess I really can’t be to upset about it, but I thought 2nd kids were supposed to come early??  This boy did not get that memo. He seems pretty happy and comfy in there.

We tried to get out a lot this weekend to either get things going or at least take my mind off of the fact that I’m still gestating :)


Taking the bump for a walk.  Brooke went too.


Met Scott and Melissa out at The Answer Brewpub and Mel and I took our ‘last picture before baby B arrives’ – can you believe she is only 3 weeks behind me??  She looks amazing!


Robert took Brooke for a walk to his office and she got to see where daddy works all day.


We took Brooke to the pet store to pick up a few new fishes, and she LOVED it.  The birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs (every dog in the place got a hug – with the owner’s okay, of course) and an enthusiastic “bye bye doggie!”


I talked Robert into getting Eggplant Parmesan yesterday for lunch to see if it would help kickstart some labor.  The good news is that the EP was AMAZING.  Seriously. If you are in Richmond – it’s from Nonna’s on Nuckols Road. I could have downed the entire bowl. But it was a lot of food and I’m sure I would have been miserable.  The bad news – it did not induce labor. Yet.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And hopefully there is a new baby post here sometime soon!

*~*Baby B2 Maternity Pictures*~*

I didn’t want to go through this entire pregnancy without proper documentation of this bump.  Try as I did to get some time with our usual photographer, the lovely Christina, life just happens and makes it nearly impossible sometimes to get schedules in sync.

So, that is where the camera remote and Robert come into play :)  We didn’t get a whole lot of shots (at the tail end of Brooke’s nap time, in the back yard) but I’m pretty pleased with what we came away with!


DSC_0567 copybw


DSC_0611 copy



DSC_05432 copy

DSC_0608 copy

Now that we have captured the essence of this sweet bump, I think it’s about time for B2 to make his appearance, right?? :)