April 24, 2014

Catch up!

We are just going to jump right in and play catch up, k?

After I last left you, we had a lovely brunch with some of our wonderful friends!

With her BFF Row Row!

Her 'thing' as of late is crawling behind the recliner, us saying "where's Brooke??!?" and her popping up, and we say "THERE SHE IS!!" and she laughs and laughs 

She still loooves to be outside, just like when she was a tiny thing

With her other BFF, Hannah, before she became a big sister :)

Cool girl protecting her eyes from the sun :)

Who doesn't love watching fish?

Best investment yet - the swing. She LOVES the swing.

I mean, LOVES.

Mama and her favorite, prettiest little girl. <3

And she laughs ALL the time now. At pretty much whatever. I love it so much.

Robert and I have a little trip coming up and we'll be leaving the Brookers behind and I'm so incredibly nervous but I know she is going to be in GREAT hands. I'm just a mom leaving her kiddo for the first time. Don't mind me and my crazy :)

I promise I'll be back soon and more often with updates!

March 28, 2014

The story of dog vs. car...

Don't worry - Stout is fine, just the story of what happened.

Yesterday was exciting. It was a typical day, work and CrossFit, and it was very pretty outside after work, so I took Brooke and Stout on a walk while Robert ran a few miles and could meet up with us afterward.

There's a big field in front of Dominion where we let Stout off leash and run around like the crazy dog he is, chasing birds and squirrels and whatever else he happens upon. He is typically very good about listening to us and stopping before we have to cross the street so we can put his leash on him.

Well, he spotted a guy on a bike and took off after him. Crossed 4 lanes of traffic on Dominion Boulevard - safely.  The guy on the bike stopped and tried to get a hand on his collar until we could come for him (Robert was already chasing after him) but Stout refused to get close enough to the guy.  I guess he saw Robert coming for him and either got scared, thinking he was in trouble, or thought it was a game, so he took off again to cross Dominion to go back to the side he came from.

This time he wasn't so lucky.  A red Honda came and slammed on his brakes and swerved into on-coming traffic, but still got Stout. Robert saw it go down (and the guy had almost come to a complete stop). Robert said it struck him broad side and he went down and slid a tiny bit, but hopped right up and TOOK OFF.  He ran home.  I know he was terrified.  Robert chased after him while I took Brooke and ran up to the biker and the car. The guy driving the car left before I could make sure his car was okay, but the bike assured me there wasn't any damage and the driver was fine.  He said he felt terrible that he wasn't able to grab Stout's collar but I promised him it was okay and the way he took off running afterwards that I was sure he was fine.  I apologized for the crazy inconvenience, he told me it was fine and he hoped Stout was okay, and I went home to meet up with Robert and the dog.

Stout was fine, a few scrapes and a bit of road rash (I guess?) that we bandaged up, but otherwise he's acting like his normal self.He stunk to high heaven though...I guess something about getting that scared and excreted some kind of endorphin or adrenalin smell...so gross.  At home, he didn't wince or flinch when we checked him over and there doesn't seem to be any major damage, which is great...We're keeping an eye on him for the next few days just to make sure he keeps eating and drinking and acting normal (he was last night...still chasing the cats!) But that was definitely a scare I'm not interested in re-living, ever.  He'll have a leash on from now on and I'm thinking about signing him up for classes to get him better at listening to us call him and telling him to come (although I'm not sure that would have mattered last night, he had his heart set on that biker).

Anyway, here he was last night - don't worry, he always looks this pitiful :) minus the bandages of course!

Oh and because posts always need a Brooke picture, here is how she fell asleep in her crib last night :)