House update and other goings on

Hey strangers!  I know it’s been pretty much forever since I blogged last but that just seems to be the trend these days. With the move, 2 kiddos (and if one isn’t needy, the other one is), and life in general, I just haven’t been able to find the time to sit down at the computer. Hah.

Anyway, in HOUSE news!  It is moving right along! We got our closing date squared away and the house is looking like a legit house!


The front door is on the left, tucked back on the corner.

They are painting this week (meaning all the drywall is up) and next we will get our cabinets and fixtures, woohoo!


This sweet little dude had a stomach bug earlier this week, and it was so sad to see him not feeling well. Luckily, it came and went in about 24-48 hours and he’s pretty much back to his normal self!


This past weekend we went to Lickinghole Creek Brewery and they had a Cornhole Tournament (we didn’t play in it) and all kinds of stuff for kids, including the horse rides – and Brooke LOVED it!

IMG_0120  IMG_0091


As most of you know, I recently got involved with AdvoCare products. I contemplated these products and the company for over a year since I first saw them on several blogs (Skinny Meg, Mama Laughlin, Stephs Bite by Bite).  After I had Henry, I decided it was time. So I signed up as a Distributor to get 20% off, got my 24 Day Challenge, and had pretty great results.  I’m still seeing results to! I PRed my back squat yesterday by 15lbs from my previous max of 135. I got 150! I’m not where I want to be but I’m getting closer! I credit hard work, determination, and AdvoCare (for giving me the energy to stay determined and work hard!)

There is a new group Challenge starting on July 6 with a chance to win some money!  If you are interested, let me know or check out the AdvoCare site for more information. I’d love to help you along!

Here is a link to my store!

I love not hating seeing myself in pictures anymore.



Like I said, I’m not where I want to be…but it’s progress!!


And finally – this girl got to try her first milkshake (from Sonic, of course…I was a Sonic Carhop for a couple years in high school!)  Of course she loved it :)

I will be back soon (hopefully) with another update. Until then, y’all stay cool!


A whirlwind of a week

Things have been super busy this summer and it has only just begun! Not that I’ve been great at blogging lately anyway, but it’s getting harder and harder to find a free moment to sit down to write, and when I do, there is always something else to be done (like keeping the house relatively straight or packing up a box or two)

Anyway, I’ll do this catch-up in 2 segments, because it covers quite the span of time.

First up, our trip to Charleston a few weeks ago! As soon as we got to town, we met up with James, Heidi, Sam, and Emmaleigh for some drinks at Westbrook – Mexican Cake anyone?  Our stay in Charleston was just one night before we made the 3 hour trip south to St. Simon, GA for my “cousins” wedding (family friend from way back).  The wedding was Saturday so as mom, Sarah and I went to the celebration, Brooke did some hanging out by the pool :)

IMG_9408 IMG_2292

Crawford girls doing our thing at the wedding


Miss Whitnie and her aisle escort, her dad Skip, and all of us “cousins”

IMG_9420 IMG_9437

It was so great catching up with Brad, who we hadn’t seen in round-about 5 years. We also got to meet his lovely wife, Jenn, who was so sweet. They have a little one a little bit younger than Brooke, so we bonded over toddler stories.


Henry got in some relaxation and pool time – he loved it!

IMG_9445 IMG_2296

We took a few walks down to the Village and out onto the Pier.


Brooke also got in some fun time at the pool in the backyard. It was so great to have that amenity!

IMG_2315  IMG_9475 

And the cutest picture of all – Henry and Connor with HUGE smiles. Just awesome :)

IMG_2303 IMG_2335

Back in Charleston, we got in some beach time – Brooke had a blast playing in the sand and in the water!

IMG_2352 IMG_2358 IMG_9501

And at the tail end of our trip, Uncle Sam reenlisted into the Navy – congrats Sam!


I’ll be back soon with another update, including Brooke’s BIG 2nd Birthday!